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Swedish country house transformed into a multi-cultured residence

In 1999 I was presented with this unusual project to work on. The client was a well known fashion designer for Vero Moda, Jack & Jones amongst many others. After designing the whole concept the budget was set with just 6 months to complete. The goal was to create the Clients own unique dream house by transforming a Swedish country house into a multicultural colonial villa. 

It was an eclectic mix of styles because the client wished to show his Indian roots along with his appreciation for the Greco-Roman period of antiquity.  The influence of Italy was brought to the pool house with a roman bath along with a greek illusion painting for the bathroom on the first floor. Oriental arches of stucco separated the pool area from the winter garden. In the living room we opened the ceiling in a round circle to the first floor and put four columns in place to carry the weight. Above that opening on the first floor a Balustrade was built with four columns to carry a five meter dome made out of stucco,  a painting of the Sun God Apollo was made inside the dome.  The Villa was 700m2 big and we set up more than five hundred meters of plaster board in different designs and colours and more than thirty columns painted in Rouge Royal Marble finish. A sculpture of a Leopard fighting with a snake was made for the winter garden, and window frames were made with spiral columns out of stucco for the walls into the living room. A big open fireplace with two big sculptures on either side made from stucco scagliola marble found place here which connected with a balustrade and two columns. An oriental arch separated the winter garden from the living room and a Mediterranean illusion painting was painted onto the wall at the end of the pool house. Another three big sculptures were made for the outside entrance to the winter garden and we connected the grass roof of the pool house to ground level by building with two big wings. Following on from the terrace we built stairs down to the garden lake with a curved balustrade.